How Common are Construction Site Burn Injuries?

Fires, explosions, chemical and steam burns, and smoke inhalation are all examples of construction site hazards resulting in burn injuries.

Millions of construction workers face various workplace hazards every day. Construction sites are dangerous work environments, from slip and fall accidents to getting struck by an object. This is especially true when safety precautions are ignored.

Certain industries are prone to specific types of accidents. One example is when construction workers are exposed to worksite hazards that result in fires, explosions, chemical and steam burns, and smoke inhalation injuries. These injuries are excruciatingly painful and can cause other health complications like infections and nerve damage.

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Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are far too common in the construction industry. However, when employers and construction workers prioritize safety, these injuries are largely preventable. Yet, according to OSHA, more than 5,000 workers are hospitalized each year because of burns in the workplace.

Many burn injuries occur because of the types of machinery construction workers use and the hazards they are exposed to. The most common types of burn injuries include:

  • Electrical burns – When a person’s skin comes in direct contact with a direct or alternating current, electrical burns occur. A worker can suffer an electrical burn from falling into electrified water, touching an electrical socket or wire, or being struck by lightning.
  • Chemical burns – Chemical burns occur when soft tissue, including the skin, ears, eyes, and lungs, is exposed to a synthetic, corrosive substance. Corrosive compounds include acids, bases, thinning agents, oxidizers, and alkylating agents.
  • Thermal burns – These burns are caused by contact with a flame, steam, or boiling liquid, such as water or grease. Thermal burns can also happen when a worker touches hot pipes, engines, tools, motors, or other hot objects.

Burn injuries are categorized based on the severity of the burn. First-degree burns affect only the top layer of skin. They are painful, red, and have mild swelling but typically heal on their own in about a week. Second-degree burns affect the first and second layers of skin and cause blistering. This type of burn is painful and requires medical attention.

A third-degree burn affects the fat beneath the second layer of skin. These burns are excruciating and require immediate medical attention. Third-degree burns can affect nerve cells, and skin graft surgery is necessary to replace the tissue that’s been destroyed.

Finally, fourth-degree burns are the most serious. When extensive, these burns are often fatal. The injury penetrates the skin and burns muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bone.

Common Causes of Workplace Burn Injuries

Fires or explosions frequently cause severe workplace burn injuries. However, the most common burn injuries at construction sites are thermal injuries from hot pipes, boiling water, steam, and other heat-producing machinery and equipment. Some examples of accidents that can cause severe and life-threatening burn injuries include:

  • Electrical burns caused by exposure to wires, lighting, or other electrical sources
  • Extreme heat from hot liquids, steam, and other hot objects
  • Smoke inhalation
  • Exposure to industrial chemicals in liquid, gas, or solid form
  • Welding accidents
  • Defective fuel lines, tanks, or machinery

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