How to Prevent Welding-Related Injuries

If you get hurt in a welding-related accident, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help you pursue your compensation claim.

Welding ranks among one of the most dangerous occupations in the construction industry. Part of your average day involves constant exposure to blinding glare, radiation, and molten metal as a welder. There’s also the risk of electric shock and fires, which can cause deliberating injuries or even death.

With so many risks associated with welding, it is wise to practice proper safety procedures and adhere to OSHA regulations. Here are five measures to help you prevent welding injuries in the workplace.

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Maintain a Well-Functioning Welding Machine

Electrocution is always an imminent danger when working with a piece of equipment that has voltage. To avoid electrocution injuries when welding, it is essential to:

  • Inspect your machine for possible damage before work
  • Ensure you’re not working in a damp condition
  • Follow the manufacturer’s specifications on grounding your welding machine
  • Correctly insulate the electrode
  • Avoid working in confined spaces

Adequate Training

Don’t embark on a welding project if you’re not trained on safe ways to weld. It’s paramount to get trained as it’s the only way you can acquire the necessary skills to do competent work and do it safely without injuring yourself or other workers.

Wear Eye Protection Gear

One of the worst dangers associated with welding is the ultraviolet rays produced by the welding arc. The rays can cause painful eye injuries. To prevent these injuries, experts recommend always having an approved welder’s helmet (not sunglasses). A welder’s helmet will prevent arc eyes and help keep flying debris from cutting your eyes.

Keep Your Working Area Ventilated

The welding process emits dangerous fumes with manganese and hexavalent chromium that can cause life-changing respiratory illnesses such as lung cancer. Therefore, to keep these hazardous fumes from getting into your lungs, we recommend you ventilate your working area and arm yourself with a respirator.

Wearing Apron and Gloves

Welding produces intense ultraviolet light and radiation that could leave you with severe skin conditions such as skin cancer. Therefore, don’t leave your skin unprotected –even if the job will only take a few minutes. It’s essential to have top-quality gloves, boots, and aprons to keep your skin safe.

These five measures can help prevent welding injuries in the workplace. Adhering to these measures will reduce the risk of welding accidents and injuries and create a safe working environment.

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However, if you get hurt in a welding-related accident, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help you pursue your compensation claim.

At the Apicella & Schlesinger Law Firm, we’ve been helping injured workers in New York pursue compensation for their work-related injuries and can help you too. We’ll help you file a workers’ compensation claim and negotiate with the insurance company for the maximum possible compensation. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

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