Involved in a Caught In Between Construction Site Accident

You may not understand your legal rights if you or your loved one has been involved in a caught-in or between accident.

Hazards on construction sites are a common occurrence. Construction workers and people working on or near construction sites in other capacities are at an inherent risk of sustaining injuries. One such risk is caught-in or between hazards. In fact, it is considered one of OSHA’s “fatal four.” You may not understand your legal rights if you or your loved one has been involved in a caught-in or between accident.

For more than 45 years, New York construction accident attorneys at our law firm have helped thousands of injury victims and their families obtain millions of dollars in compensation. We can successfully pursue a third-party liability claim under the New York State Labor Law. Your personal injury case will receive prompt, personalized, and focused attention.

How Caught In Between Accidents Occur

Caught in or between accidents occur in other types of workplaces as well. Any work involving moving components and equipment is at risk of “caught in or between” situations. Various situations are associated with being caught in or between accidents. The most commonly caught in or between positions include:

  • Compressed by one or two objects
  • Run over by equipment
  • Building collapse
  • Pinned between machinery
  • Toppling materials or equipment
  • Equipment entanglements
  • Strangulation when clothing gets caught in machinery
  • Trench or excavation cave-in

Unfortunately, getting caught in or between accidents usually result in serious injuries.

Causes of Caught In Between Injuries

There are multiple reasons for being caught in or between accidents, including:

  • Work involving moving equipment
  • Inadequate training or preparation
  • Machinery that has unguarded moving parts
  • Completing a task under physical or mental pressure
  • Being absent-minded
  • Working with unreliable machinery

New York has comprehensive and well-established laws to safeguard and ensure the safety of construction workers. Claims for workers’ compensation benefits are not the only source of recovery and support when a general contractor, building owner, or some other party has been negligent.

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