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New York Truck Accident Lawyers

The mix of vehicles on New York City roadways poses a constant challenge for motorists and pedestrians. Drivers of large commercial trucks are often on tight timelines and have limited visibility. The risks they take can cause devastating injuries to others.

Seriously Hurt Due To A Truck Driver's Reckless Driving Behavior?

An 18-wheeler accident or collision with a moving van, delivery truck, sanitation truck or other massive vehicle can be horrific for those in an ordinary car or passenger truck. Proving fault and pursuing just compensation can be difficult due to aggressive defense tactics on the part of trucking companies and their insurers.

At Apicella & Schlesinger, our trial-proven personal injury firm in Washington Heights, we are up to the challenges posed by truck accident litigation. We provide:

  • Investigation informed by extensive knowledge of trucking regulations and traffic laws — aided by skilled accident reconstruction experts as necessary
  • Adept case-building that brings forth medical and economic testimony showing the total impact of serious injuries on our clients' lives
  • Willingness to take your case through trial if a fair settlement cannot be reached, as we have done for many other individuals and families over the past 40-plus years

We Stand Up And Work Hard To Earn Justice For The Injured

Our lawyers and staff will immediately prioritize your needs and your well-being after a trucking accident. We have helped people from all cultural backgrounds after serious collisions in the Bronx, Brooklyn and other communities. Whether your accident was caused by a reckless truck driver, improper truck maintenance or something else, we will get to the bottom of it. We will take legal action against a large trucking company or the City of New York without hesitation.

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