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New York Trip-And-Fall Accident Lawyers

A slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident can be a life-changing event. Victims often must cope with concussions and other head injuries, severe back and neck injuries, broken bones and other disabling consequences. At Apicella & Schlesinger, we have represented many people injured due to property owner negligence over the past 40-plus years.

Turn To A Caring Legal Team That Will Promptly Evaluate Your Serious Claim

Premises liability lawsuits are very challenging to prove and win in New York, but we have succeeded with these claims on many occasions. Our accomplished personal injury attorneys look hard at the injuries that resulted and at all relevant circumstances, including:

  • Whether evidence exists that the property owner knew of a hazardous condition and should have repaired it or posted a warning
  • Whether any witness testimony or video footage is available to support the victim's account of the fall and what caused it
  • Whether insurance coverage applies and is sufficient to justify pursuing a lawsuit

Falls On Residential Or Business Property · Impact From Falling Objects

Trial-proven lawyers at our firm in Washington Heights will take your situation seriously. We are prepared to evaluate your serious injury case, wherever you fell and whatever you believe was the cause. Our knowledge and capabilities extend to:

  • Falls on defective sidewalks or due to the failure of others to remove ice and snow
  • Falls in stores, restaurants and other commercial locations due to slippery floor conditions
  • Falls caused by the collapse of a bench or other item designed for seating
  • Impact from falling displays, dropped loads and other objects in department, grocery, "big box" and other stores
  • Falls on construction sites and other construction-related accidents

If you have a viable case, we will investigate promptly and thoroughly. Our legal team is adept at deposing witnesses and making juries understand the total impact of severe injuries on our clients' lives. We welcome clients from all economic circumstances and cultural backgrounds. For a free, confidential consultation to discuss your legal options, call 212-568-4245 or contact us online now. Hablamos Español.