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New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters make convenient, economical transportation choices for many people throughout the New York metropolitan area. Unfortunately, even the most safety-conscious riders are extremely vulnerable to careless drivers operating much larger vehicles. When a motorcycle or scooter crash occurs, the outcome is often devastating.

Experienced, Dedicated Representation For Serious Injury Victims

The car, truck or bus driver who hit you or a loved one may not respect motorcyclists' rights on the roadway. We do at the personal injury law firm of Apicella & Schlesinger — and we also understand all of your rights under the law.

In the course of over 40 years in practice, we have obtained favorable settlements and verdicts at trial for many victims of motorcycle accidents, as well as auto, commercial truck, and bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

Will Fault Be Disputed? Are Your Injuries Permanently Disabling?

Key considerations for you may include:

  • At-fault drivers frequently claim that a motorcycle or moped broke a traffic law or was otherwise "impossible" to see in time to avoid a crash. If fault is disputed and you believe you are in the right, you definitely need a skilled attorney.
  • Because New York motorcyclists do not have no-fault coverage for medical expenses and certain other damages, it is critical to have a tough, knowledgeable lawyer on your side. Unjust insurance claim denials are extremely common in motorcycle accident cases.
  • The more serious your injuries, the more established and well-connected to experts your legal counsel should be. We are adept at bringing forth compelling medical evidence and testimony in cases involving brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, loss of limb and other life-changing injuries.

You Will Be Welcome And Your Needs Will Be The Focus At Our Firm

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