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False Arrest In New York

Being arrested and jailed for no reason is a horrible experience for anyone. Sadly, it happens all too often throughout the New York City area due to police officers' overzealousness, failures to follow proper procedures and other reasons. Victims of wrongful arrest often suffer extreme emotional trauma and some are physically abused as well.

Standing Up For Victims Of Police Mistakes And Overzealousness

If you have been arrested without cause in New York City, we want to know about it at the law firm of Apicella & Schlesinger. Our attorneys have been filing claims and civil lawsuits on behalf of false arrest victims — and often recovering significant financial damages — for years. You may well have a valid claim if you were released on bail or your own recognizance, your case was dismissed or you accepted an adjournment contemplating dismissal (ACD). We will speak with you and evaluate your situation free of charge.

Wrongful arrests occur under a vast range of circumstances. Often, civil false arrest is only one aspect of a valid case, with other police misconduct and abuse having taken place, too. Some cases we have pursued have involved:

  • Traffic stops and "stop-and-frisk" encounters leading to arrests on nonexistent warrants
  • Arrests of multiple innocent people in an apartment where drugs or weapons were allegedly found
  • Felony arrests based on false allegations of assault on a traffic officer or meter maid
  • False allegations of turnstile jumping ("theft of services") and similar misdemeanor offenses
  • Arrests of people invited into a building by residents for trespassing after a report by the building owner — who may also be found liable for damages in civil court

You May Have The Right To Sue The City — Or Another Party — For Damages. Your Consultation with a false arrest attorney Will Be Free And Confidential

It is crucial to know that any action against the municipality in NYC requires a notice of claim to be filed within 90 days of the wrongful arrest or other civil rights violation. Our wrongful arrest lawyers have filed many such claim notices and many valid civil lawsuits against the authorities, seeking compensation for loss of freedom, medical costs if injuries occurred, legal fees paid for defense and other damages.

You can tell us your story with confidence that you will receive clear guidance based on plenty of experience with cases like yours. Find out if you have a false arrest lawsuit today. For your free consultation and case evaluation, call your false arrest attorneys at 212-568-4245 or email us now.